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ディレクティブ クイックリファレンス

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ディレクティブ クイックリファレンスでは、各 Apache 設定ディレクティブの 使用方法、デフォルト値、ステータスとコンテキストを示しています。 各ディレクティブの、より詳しい情報に関しては ディレクティブ辞書を ご覧下さい。

第 1 列目はディレクティブの名前と使用方法です。 第 2 列目は (もしあれば) デフォルト値となっています。 デフォルト値が長すぎて表示しきれない場合は、途中まで表示した上で、、 「 + 」で続きがあることを示しています。

第 3, 4 列は、下の表の注釈に従って、 ディレクティブの使用できるコンテキストと、 ディレクティブのステータスが示されています。

 A  |  B  |  C  |  D  |  E  |  F  |  G  |  H  |  I  |  K  |  L  |  M  |  N  |  O  |  P  |  Q  |  R  |  S  |  T  |  U  |  V  |  W  |  X 
AcceptFilter protocol accept_filtersC
プロトコルを Listen しているソケットの最適化を設定する
AcceptPathInfo On|Off|Default Default svdhC
AccessFileName filename [filename] ... .htaccess svC
Action action-type cgi-script [virtual]svdhB
特定のハンドラやコンテントタイプに対して CGI を実行するように 設定
AddAlt string file [file] ...svdhB
アイコンの代わりに 表示される、ファイル名で選択された代替テキスト
AddAltByEncoding string MIME-encoding [MIME-encoding] ...svdhB
アイコンの代わりに表示される、MIME 符号化方法で選択された 代替テキスト
AddAltByType string MIME-type [MIME-type] ...svdhB
アイコンの代わりに 表示される、MIME タイプで選択された代替テキスト
AddCharset charset extension [extension] ...svdh
AddDefaultCharset On|Off|charset Off svdhC
レスポンスのコンテントタイプが text/plain あるいは text/html の場合に追加するデフォルトの charset パラメータ
AddDescription string file [file] ...svdhB
AddEncoding MIME-enc extension [extension] ...svdh
ファイル名の拡張子を指定されたエンコーディング にマップする
AddHandler handler-name extension [extension] ...svdh
AddIcon icon name [name] ...svdhB
AddIconByEncoding icon MIME-encoding [MIME-encoding] ...svdhB
ファイルに表示するアイコンを MIME 符号化方法で選択
AddIconByType icon MIME-type [MIME-type] ...svdhB
ファイルの隣に表示するアイコンを MIME タイプによって選択
AddInputFilter filter[;filter...] extension [extension] ...svdh
ファイルの拡張子をクライアントのリクエストを処理する フィルタにマップする
AddLanguage MIME-lang extension [extension] ...svdh
AddModuleInfo module-name stringsvE
server-info ハンドラにより表示されるモジュールの情報に 追加の情報を付け加える
AddOutputFilter filter[;filter...] extension [extension] ...svdh
ファイル名の拡張子をサーバからの応答を処理するフィルタに マップする
AddOutputFilterByType filter[;filter...] media-type [media-type] ...svdhB
assigns an output filter to a particular media-type
AddType MIME-type extension [extension] ...svdh
Alias URL-path file-path|directory-pathsvB
URL をファイルシステムの位置にマップする
AliasMatch regex file-path|directory-pathsvB
正規表現を使って URL をファイルシステムの位置にマップする
Allow from all|host|env=[!]env-variable [host|env=[!]env-variable] ...dhE
AllowCONNECT port[-port] [port[-port]] ... 443 563 svE
Ports that are allowed to CONNECT through the proxy
AllowEncodedSlashes On|Off Off svC
URL 中の符号化されたパス分離文字が先に伝えられるのを許可するかどうかを 決定する
AllowMethods reset|HTTP-method [HTTP-method]... reset dX
Restrict access to the listed HTTP methods
AllowOverride All|None|directive-type [directive-type] ... All dC
.htaccess で許可されるディレクティブの種類
AllowOverrideList None|directive [directive-type] ... None dC
Individual directives that are allowed in .htaccess files
Anonymous user [user] ...dhE
パスワードの検査無しでアクセスを許可する userID を指定する
Anonymous_LogEmail On|Off On dhE
入力されたパスワードがエラーログにロギングされるかどうかを 設定する
Anonymous_MustGiveEmail On|Off On dhE
Anonymous_NoUserID On|Off Off dhE
空 userID を許可するかを指定する
Anonymous_VerifyEmail On|Off Off dhE
パスワード欄が正しい形式の電子メールアドレスであることを 調べるかどうかを設定する
AsyncRequestWorkerFactor factorsM
Limit concurrent connections per process
AuthBasicAuthoritative On|Off On dhB
認証と承認を、より低いレベルのモジュールに移行させるかを 設定します。
AuthBasicFake off|username [password]dhB
Fake basic authentication using the given expressions for username and password
AuthBasicProvider provider-name [provider-name] ... file dhB
AuthBasicUseDigestAlgorithm MD5|Off Off dhB
Check passwords against the authentication providers as if Digest Authentication was in force instead of Basic Authentication.
AuthDBDUserPWQuery querydE
SQL query to look up a password for a user
AuthDBDUserRealmQuery querydE
SQL query to look up a password hash for a user and realm.
AuthDBMGroupFile file-pathdhE
Sets the name of the database file containing the list of user groups for authorization
AuthDBMType default|SDBM|GDBM|NDBM|DB default dhE
パスワードを保存するために必要なデータベースファイルの種類を 設定する
AuthDBMUserFile file-pathdhE
認証用のユーザとパスワードのリストを保持している データベースファイル名を設定する
AuthDigestAlgorithm MD5|MD5-sess MD5 dhE
Selects the algorithm used to calculate the challenge and response hashes in digest authentication
AuthDigestDomain URI [URI] ...dhE
URIs that are in the same protection space for digest authentication
AuthDigestNonceLifetime seconds 300 dhE
How long the server nonce is valid
AuthDigestProvider provider-name [provider-name] ... file dhE
Sets the authentication provider(s) for this location
AuthDigestQop none|auth|auth-int [auth|auth-int] auth dhE
Determines the quality-of-protection to use in digest authentication
AuthDigestShmemSize size 1000 sE
The amount of shared memory to allocate for keeping track of clients
AuthFormAuthoritative On|Off On dhB
Sets whether authorization and authentication are passed to lower level modules
AuthFormBody fieldnamedB
The name of a form field carrying the body of the request to attempt on successful login
AuthFormDisableNoStore On|Off Off dB
Disable the CacheControl no-store header on the login page
AuthFormFakeBasicAuth On|Off Off dB
Fake a Basic Authentication header
AuthFormLocation fieldnamedB
The name of a form field carrying a URL to redirect to on successful login
AuthFormLoginRequiredLocation urldB
The URL of the page to be redirected to should login be required
AuthFormLoginSuccessLocation urldB
The URL of the page to be redirected to should login be successful
AuthFormLogoutLocation uridB
The URL to redirect to after a user has logged out
AuthFormMethod fieldnamedB
The name of a form field carrying the method of the request to attempt on successful login
AuthFormMimetype fieldnamedB
The name of a form field carrying the mimetype of the body of the request to attempt on successful login
AuthFormPassword fieldnamedB
The name of a form field carrying the login password
AuthFormProvider provider-name [provider-name] ... file dhB
Sets the authentication provider(s) for this location
AuthFormSitePassphrase secretdB
Bypass authentication checks for high traffic sites
AuthFormSize sizedB
The largest size of the form in bytes that will be parsed for the login details
AuthFormUsername fieldnamedB
The name of a form field carrying the login username
AuthGroupFile file-pathdhB
証認に使用するユーザグループの一覧が格納されている、 テキストファイルの名前を設定する
AuthLDAPAuthorizePrefix prefix AUTHORIZE_ dhE
Specifies the prefix for environment variables set during authorization
AuthLDAPBindAuthoritative off|on on dhE
Determines if other authentication providers are used when a user can be mapped to a DN but the server cannot successfully bind with the user's credentials.
AuthLDAPBindDN distinguished-namedhE
Optional DN to use in binding to the LDAP server
AuthLDAPBindPassword passworddhE
Password used in conjunction with the bind DN
AuthLDAPCharsetConfig file-pathsE
Language to charset conversion configuration file
AuthLDAPCompareAsUser on|off off dhE
Use the authenticated user's credentials to perform authorization comparisons
AuthLDAPCompareDNOnServer on|off on dhE
Use the LDAP server to compare the DNs
AuthLDAPDereferenceAliases never|searching|finding|always always dhE
When will the module de-reference aliases
AuthLDAPGroupAttribute attribute member uniqueMember +dhE
LDAP attributes used to identify the user members of groups.
AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN on|off on dhE
Use the DN of the client username when checking for group membership
AuthLDAPInitialBindAsUser off|on off dhE
Determines if the server does the initial DN lookup using the basic authentication users' own username, instead of anonymously or with hard-coded credentials for the server
AuthLDAPInitialBindPattern regex substitution (.*) $1 (remote use +dhE
Specifies the transformation of the basic authentication username to be used when binding to the LDAP server to perform a DN lookup
AuthLDAPMaxSubGroupDepth Number 10 dhE
Specifies the maximum sub-group nesting depth that will be evaluated before the user search is discontinued.
AuthLDAPRemoteUserAttribute uiddhE
Use the value of the attribute returned during the user query to set the REMOTE_USER environment variable
AuthLDAPRemoteUserIsDN on|off off dhE
Use the DN of the client username to set the REMOTE_USER environment variable
AuthLDAPSearchAsUser on|off off dhE
Use the authenticated user's credentials to perform authorization searches
AuthLDAPSubGroupAttribute attribute member uniqueMember +dhE
Specifies the attribute labels, one value per directive line, used to distinguish the members of the current group that are groups.
AuthLDAPSubGroupClass LdapObjectClass groupOfNames groupO +dhE
Specifies which LDAP objectClass values identify directory objects that are groups during sub-group processing.
URL specifying the LDAP search parameters
AuthMerging Off | And | Or Off dhB
Controls the manner in which each configuration section's authorization logic is combined with that of preceding configuration sections.
AuthName auth-domaindhB
Authorization realm for use in HTTP authentication
AuthnCacheContext directory|server|custom-stringdB
Specify a context string for use in the cache key
Enable Authn caching configured anywhere
AuthnCacheProvideFor authn-provider [...]dhB
Specify which authn provider(s) to cache for
AuthnCacheSOCache provider-name[:provider-args]sB
Select socache backend provider to use
AuthnCacheTimeout timeout (seconds)dhB
Set a timeout for cache entries
<AuthnProviderAlias baseProvider Alias> ... </AuthnProviderAlias>sB
Enclose a group of directives that represent an extension of a base authentication provider and referenced by the specified alias
AuthnzFcgiCheckAuthnProvider provider-name|None option ...dE
Enables a FastCGI application to handle the check_authn authentication hook.
AuthnzFcgiDefineProvider type provider-name backend-addresssE
Defines a FastCGI application as a provider for authentication and/or authorization
AuthType None|Basic|Digest|FormdhB
Type of user authentication
AuthUserFile file-pathdhB
認証に使用するユーザとパスワードの一覧が格納されている、 テキストファイルの名前を設定する
AuthzDBDLoginToReferer On|Off Off dE
Determines whether to redirect the Client to the Referring page on successful login or logout if a Referer request header is present
AuthzDBDQuery querydE
Specify the SQL Query for the required operation
AuthzDBDRedirectQuery querydE
Specify a query to look up a login page for the user
AuthzDBMType default|SDBM|GDBM|NDBM|DB default dhE
Sets the type of database file that is used to store list of user groups
<AuthzProviderAlias baseProvider Alias Require-Parameters> ... </AuthzProviderAlias> sB
Enclose a group of directives that represent an extension of a base authorization provider and referenced by the specified alias
AuthzSendForbiddenOnFailure On|Off Off dhB
Send '403 FORBIDDEN' instead of '401 UNAUTHORIZED' if authentication succeeds but authorization fails
BalancerGrowth # 5 svE
Number of additional Balancers that can be added Post-configuration
BalancerInherit On|Off On svE
Inherit ProxyPassed Balancers/Workers from the main server
Add a member to a load balancing group
BalancerPersist On|Off Off svE
Attempt to persist changes made by the Balancer Manager across restarts.
BrotliAlterETag AddSuffix|NoChange|Remove AddSuffix svE
How the outgoing ETag header should be modified during compression
BrotliCompressionMaxInputBlock valuesvE
Maximum input block size
BrotliCompressionQuality value 5 svE
Compression quality
BrotliCompressionWindow value 18 svE
Brotli sliding compression window size
BrotliFilterNote [type] notenamesvE
Places the compression ratio in a note for logging
BrowserMatch regex [!]env-variable[=value] [[!]env-variable[=value]] ...svdhB
HTTP User-Agent に基づいて環境変数を設定する
BrowserMatchNoCase regex [!]env-variable[=value] [[!]env-variable[=value]] ...svdhB
HTTP User-Agent に基づいて大文字小文字を区別せずに 環境変数を設定する
BufferedLogs On|Off Off sB
BufferSize integer 131072 svdhE
Maximum size in bytes to buffer by the buffer filter
CacheDefaultExpire seconds 3600 (1時間) svE
CacheDetailHeader on|off off svdhE
Add an X-Cache-Detail header to the response.
CacheDirLength length 2 svE
CacheDirLevels levels 2 svE
CacheDisable url-stringsvE
特定の URL をキャッシュしない
CacheEnable cache_type url-stringsvE
CacheFile file-path [file-path] ...sX
Cache a list of file handles at startup time
CacheHeader on|off off svdhE
Add an X-Cache header to the response.
CacheIgnoreCacheControl On|Off Off svE
キャッシュされているコンテンツを返さないようにクライアントから リクエストされても無視する
CacheIgnoreHeaders header-string [header-string] ... None svE
指定された HTTP ヘッダをキャッシュに保存しない。
CacheIgnoreNoLastMod On|Off Off svE
応答に Last Modified が無くても気にしないようにする
CacheIgnoreQueryString On|Off Off svE
CacheIgnoreURLSessionIdentifiers identifier [identifier] ... None svE
Ignore defined session identifiers encoded in the URL when caching
CacheKeyBaseURL URLsvE
Override the base URL of reverse proxied cache keys.
CacheLastModifiedFactor float 0.1 svE
LastModified の日付に基づいて有効期限 (expiry) を計算するための重みを指定する
CacheLock on|off off svE
Enable the thundering herd lock.
CacheLockMaxAge integer 5 svE
Set the maximum possible age of a cache lock.
CacheLockPath directory /tmp/mod_cache-lock +svE
Set the lock path directory.
CacheMaxExpire seconds 86400 (一日) svE
CacheMaxFileSize bytes 1000000 svE
キャッシュに保管されるドキュメントの最大の (バイトでの) サイズ
CacheMinExpire seconds 0 svE
CacheMinFileSize bytes 1 svE
キャッシュに保管されるドキュメントの最小限の (バイトでの) 大きさ
CacheNegotiatedDocs On|Off Off svB
コンテントネゴシエーションされたドキュメントをプロキシサーバが キャッシュできるようにする
CacheQuickHandler on|off on svE
Run the cache from the quick handler.
The minimum size (in bytes) of the document to read and be cached before sending the data downstream
The minimum time (in milliseconds) that should elapse while reading before data is sent downstream
CacheRoot directorysvE
CacheSocache type[:args]svE
The shared object cache implementation to use
CacheSocacheMaxSize bytes 102400 svdhE
The maximum size (in bytes) of an entry to be placed in the cache
CacheSocacheMaxTime seconds 86400 svdhE
The maximum time (in seconds) for a document to be placed in the cache
CacheSocacheMinTime seconds 600 svdhE
The minimum time (in seconds) for a document to be placed in the cache
CacheSocacheReadSize bytes 0 svdhE
The minimum size (in bytes) of the document to read and be cached before sending the data downstream
CacheSocacheReadTime milliseconds 0 svdhE
The minimum time (in milliseconds) that should elapse while reading before data is sent downstream
CacheStaleOnError on|off on svdhE
Serve stale content in place of 5xx responses.
CacheStoreExpired On|Off Off svdhE
Attempt to cache responses that the server reports as expired
CacheStoreNoStore On|Off Off svE
no-store と指定されているレスポンスのキャッシュを試みる。
CacheStorePrivate On|Off Off svE
private と指定されているレスポンスのキャッシュを試みる。
CGIDScriptTimeout time[s|ms]svdhB
The length of time to wait for more output from the CGI program
CGIMapExtension cgi-path .extensiondhC
CGI スクリプトのインタープリタの位置を調べるための手法
CGIPassAuth On|Off Off dhC
Enables passing HTTP authorization headers to scripts as CGI variables
CGIVar variable ruledhC
Controls how some CGI variables are set
CharsetDefault charsetsvdhE
Charset to translate into
CharsetOptions option [option] ... ImplicitAdd svdhE
Configures charset translation behavior
CharsetSourceEnc charsetsvdhE
Source charset of files
CheckCaseOnly on|off Off svdhE
CheckSpelling on|off Off svdhE
spelling モジュールを使用するようにする
ChrootDir /path/to/directorysB
Directory for apache to run chroot(8) after startup.
ContentDigest On|Off Off svdhC
Content-MD5 HTTP 応答ヘッダの生成を有効にする
CookieDomain domainsvdhE
The domain to which the tracking cookie applies
CookieExpires expiry-periodsvdhE
Expiry time for the tracking cookie
CookieName token Apache svdhE
Name of the tracking cookie
CookieStyle Netscape|Cookie|Cookie2|RFC2109|RFC2965 Netscape svdhE
Format of the cookie header field
CookieTracking on|off off svdhE
Enables tracking cookie
CoreDumpDirectory directorysM
Apache がコアダンプする前に移動を試みるディレクトリ
CustomLog file|pipe format|nickname [env=[!]environment-variable]svB
Dav On|Off|provider-name Off dE
WebDAV HTTP メソッドを有効にします
DavDepthInfinity on|off off svdE
PROPFIND, Depth: Infinity リクエストを許可します
DavGenericLockDB file-pathsvdE
DAV ロックデータベースの場所
DavLockDB file-pathsvE
DAV ロックデータベースの位置
DavMinTimeout seconds 0 svdE
サーバが DAV リソースのロックを維持する最小時間です。
DBDExptime time-in-seconds 300 svE
Keepalive time for idle connections
DBDInitSQL "SQL statement"svE
Execute an SQL statement after connecting to a database
DBDKeep number 2 svE
Maximum sustained number of connections
DBDMax number 10 svE
Maximum number of connections
DBDMin number 1 svE
Minimum number of connections
DBDParams param1=value1[,param2=value2]svE
Parameters for database connection
DBDPersist On|OffsvE
Whether to use persistent connections
DBDPrepareSQL "SQL statement" labelsvE
Define an SQL prepared statement
DBDriver namesvE
Specify an SQL driver
DefaultIcon url-pathsvdhB
特定のアイコンが何も設定されていない時に ファイルに表示するアイコン
DefaultLanguage MIME-langsvdh
あるスコープのすべてのファイルを指定された言語に 設定する
DefaultRuntimeDir directory-path DEFAULT_REL_RUNTIME +sC
Base directory for the server run-time files
DefaultType MIME-type|none text/plain svdhC
サーバがコンテントタイプを決定できないときに 送られる MIME コンテントタイプ
Define parameter-namesC
DeflateBufferSize value 8096 svE
zlib が一度に圧縮する塊の大きさ
DeflateCompressionLevel valuesvE
DeflateFilterNote [type] notenamesvE
DeflateInflateLimitRequestBody valuesvdhE
Maximum size of inflated request bodies
DeflateInflateRatioBurst value 3 svdhE
Maximum number of times the inflation ratio for request bodies can be crossed
DeflateInflateRatioLimit value 200 svdhE
Maximum inflation ratio for request bodies
DeflateMemLevel value 9 svE
zlib が圧縮に使うメモリのレベルを指定
DeflateWindowSize value 15 svE
Zlib の圧縮用ウィンドウの大きさ
Deny from all|host|env=[!]env-variable [host|env=[!]env-variable] ...dhE
<Directory directory-path> ... </Directory>svC
指定のファイルシステムのディレクトリとサブディレクトリとのみに 適用されるディレクティブを囲む
DirectoryCheckHandler On|Off Off svdhB
Toggle how this module responds when another handler is configured
DirectoryIndex local-url [local-url] ... index.html svdhB
クライアントがディレクトリをリクエストしたときに調べる リソースのリスト
DirectoryIndexRedirect on | off | permanent | temp | seeother | 3xx-code off svdhB
Configures an external redirect for directory indexes.
<DirectoryMatch regex> ... </DirectoryMatch>svC
正規表現にマッチするファイルシステムのディレクトリと サブディレクトリとのみに適用されるディレクティブを囲む
DirectorySlash On|Off On svdhB
DocumentRoot directory-path /usr/local/apache/h +svC
ウェブから見えるメインのドキュメントツリーになる ディレクトリ
DTracePrivileges On|Off Off sX
Determines whether the privileges required by dtrace are enabled.
DumpIOInput On|Off Off sE
DumpIOOutput On|Off Off sE
<Else> ... </Else>svdhC
Contains directives that apply only if the condition of a previous <If> or <ElseIf> section is not satisfied by a request at runtime
<ElseIf expression> ... </ElseIf>svdhC
Contains directives that apply only if a condition is satisfied by a request at runtime while the condition of a previous <If> or <ElseIf> section is not satisfied
EnableExceptionHook On|Off Off sM
EnableMMAP On|Off On svdhC
配送中にファイルを読み込むためにメモリマッピングを 使うかどうか
EnableSendfile On|Off On svdhC
ファイルのクライアントへの配送時にカーネルの sendfile サポートを 使うかどうか
Error messagesvdhC
Abort configuration parsing with a custom error message
ErrorDocument error-code documentsvdhC
ErrorLog file-path|syslog[:facility] logs/error_log (Uni +svC
ErrorLogFormat [connection|request] formatsvC
Format specification for error log entries
Demonstration directive to illustrate the Apache module API
ExpiresActive On|OffsvdhE
Expires ヘッダの生成を有効にする
ExpiresByType MIME-type <code>secondssvdhE
MIME タイプによって設定される Expires ヘッダの値
ExpiresDefault <code>secondssvdhE
ExtendedStatus On|Off Off[*] sC
Keep track of extended status information for each request
ExtFilterDefine filtername parameterssE
ExtFilterOptions option [option] ... DebugLevel=0 NoLogS +dE
mod_ext_filter のオプションを設定
Define a default URL for requests that don't map to a file
FileETag component ... INode MTime Size svdhC
ETag HTTP 応答ヘッダを作成するために使用される ファイルの属性
<Files filename> ... </Files>svdhC
<FilesMatch regex> ... </FilesMatch>svdhC
正規表現にマッチするファイル名に適用される ディレクティブを囲む
FilterChain [+=-@!]filter-name ...svdhB
Configure the filter chain
FilterDeclare filter-name [type]svdhB
Declare a smart filter
FilterProtocol filter-name [provider-name] proto-flagssvdhB
Deal with correct HTTP protocol handling
FilterProvider filter-name provider-name expressionsvdhB
Register a content filter
FilterTrace filter-name levelsvdB
Get debug/diagnostic information from mod_filter
ForceLanguagePriority None|Prefer|Fallback [Prefer|Fallback] Prefer svdhB
ForceType MIME-type|NonedhC
すべてのマッチするファイルが指定の MIME コンテントタイプで 送られるようにする
ForensicLog filename|pipesvE
Forensic ログのファイル名を設定する
GlobalLogfile|pipe format|nickname [env=[!]environment-variable| expr=expression]sB
Sets filename and format of log file
GprofDir /tmp/gprof/|/tmp/gprof/%svC
Directory to write gmon.out profiling data to.
GracefulShutDownTimeout secondssM
Group unix-group #-1 sB
Group under which the server will answer requests
H2CopyFiles on|off off svdhE
Determine file handling in responses
H2Direct on|off on for h2c, off for +svE
H2 Direct Protocol Switch
H2EarlyHints on|off off svE
Determine sending of 103 status codes
H2MaxSessionStreams n 100 svE
Maximum number of active streams per HTTP/2 session.
H2MaxWorkerIdleSeconds n 600 sE
Maximum number of seconds h2 workers remain idle until shut down.
H2MaxWorkers nsE
Maximum number of worker threads to use per child process.
H2MinWorkers nsE
Minimal number of worker threads to use per child process.
H2ModernTLSOnly on|off on svE
Require HTTP/2 connections to be "modern TLS" only
H2Padding numbits 0 svE
Determine the range of padding bytes added to payload frames
H2Push on|off on svdhE
H2 Server Push Switch
H2PushDiarySize n 256 svE
H2 Server Push Diary Size
H2PushPriority mime-type [after|before|interleaved] [weight] * After 16 svE
H2 Server Push Priority
H2PushResource [add] path [critical]svdhE
Declares resources for early pushing to the client
H2SerializeHeaders on|off off svE
Serialize Request/Response Processing Switch
H2StreamMaxMemSize bytes 65536 svE
Maximum amount of output data buffered per stream.
H2TLSCoolDownSecs seconds 1 svE
Configure the number of seconds of idle time on TLS before shrinking writes
H2TLSWarmUpSize amount 1048576 svE
Configure the number of bytes on TLS connection before doing max writes
H2Upgrade on|off on for h2c, off for +svdhE
H2 Upgrade Protocol Switch
H2WindowSize bytes 65535 svE
Size of Stream Window for upstream data.
Header [condition] set|append|add|unset|echo header [value] [early|env=[!]variable]svdhE
HTTP 応答ヘッダの設定
HeaderName filenamesvdhB
HeartbeatAddress addr:portsX
Multicast address for heartbeat packets
HeartbeatListen addr:portsX
multicast address to listen for incoming heartbeat requests
HeartbeatMaxServers number-of-servers 10 sX
Specifies the maximum number of servers that will be sending heartbeat requests to this server
HeartbeatStorage file-path logs/hb.dat sX
Path to store heartbeat data
HeartbeatStorage file-path logs/hb.dat sX
Path to read heartbeat data
HostnameLookups On|Off|Double Off svdC
クライアントの IP アドレスの DNS ルックアップを 有効にする
HttpProtocolOptions [Strict|Unsafe] [RegisteredMethods|LenientMethods] [Allow0.9|Require1.0] Strict LenientMetho +svC
Modify restrictions on HTTP Request Messages
IdentityCheck On|Off Off svdE
リモートユーザの RFC 1413 によるアイデンティティのロギングを 有効にする
IdentityCheckTimeout seconds 30 svdE
Ident リクエストがタイムアウトするまでの期間を決める
<If expression> ... </If>svdhC
実行時、リクエストが条件を満たした場合にのみ適用される ディレクティブを包含する
<IfDefine [!]parameter-name> ... </IfDefine>svdhC
起動時にテストが真であるときのみに処理されるディレクティブを 囲む
<IfDirective [!]directive-name> ... </IfDirective>svdhC
Encloses directives that are processed conditional on the presence or absence of a specific directive
<IfFile [!]filename> ... </IfFile>svdhC
Encloses directives that will be processed only if file exists at startup
<IfModule [!]module-file|module-identifier> ... </IfModule>svdhC
モジュールの存在するかしないかに応じて処理される ディレクティブを囲む
<IfSection [!]section-name> ... </IfSection>svdhC
Encloses directives that are processed conditional on the presence or absence of a specific section directive
<IfVersion [[!]operator] version> ... </IfVersion>svdhE
ImapBase map|referer|URL http://servername/ svdhB
Default base for imagemap files
ImapDefault error|nocontent|map|referer|URL nocontent svdhB
Default action when an imagemap is called with coordinates that are not explicitly mapped
ImapMenu none|formatted|semiformatted|unformatted formatted svdhB
Action if no coordinates are given when calling an imagemap
Include file-path|directory-pathsvdC
IncludeOptional file-path|directory-path|wildcardsvdC
Includes other configuration files from within the server configuration files
IndexHeadInsert "markup ..."svdhB
インデックスページの HEAD セクションにテキストを挿入する
IndexIgnore file [file] ...svdhB
ディレクトリ一覧を行なう際に無視すべき ファイルリストに追加
IndexIgnoreReset ON|OFFsvdhB
Empties the list of files to hide when listing a directory
IndexOptions [+|-]option [[+|-]option] ...svdhB
IndexOrderDefault Ascending|Descending Name|Date|Size|Description Ascending Name svdhB
IndexStyleSheet url-pathsvdhB
ディレクトリインデックスに CSS スタイルシートを追加する
InputSed sed-commanddhX
Sed command to filter request data (typically POST data)
ISAPIAppendLogToErrors on|off off svdhB
Record HSE_APPEND_LOG_PARAMETER requests from ISAPI extensions to the error log
ISAPIAppendLogToQuery on|off on svdhB
Record HSE_APPEND_LOG_PARAMETER requests from ISAPI extensions to the query field
ISAPICacheFile file-path [file-path] ...svB
ISAPI .dll files to be loaded at startup
ISAPIFakeAsync on|off off svdhB
Fake asynchronous support for ISAPI callbacks
ISAPILogNotSupported on|off off svdhB
Log unsupported feature requests from ISAPI extensions
ISAPIReadAheadBuffer size 49152 svdhB
Size of the Read Ahead Buffer sent to ISAPI extensions
KeepAlive On|Off On svC
HTTP の持続的な接続を有効にする
KeepAliveTimeout seconds 5 svC
KeptBodySize maximum size in bytes 0 dB
Keep the request body instead of discarding it up to the specified maximum size, for potential use by filters such as mod_include.
LanguagePriority MIME-lang [MIME-lang] ...svdhB
クライアントが優先度を示さなかったときの言語の variant の優先度を 指定
LDAPCacheEntries number 1024 sE
Maximum number of entries in the primary LDAP cache
LDAPCacheTTL seconds 600 sE
Time that cached items remain valid
LDAPConnectionPoolTTL n -1 svE
Discard backend connections that have been sitting in the connection pool too long
LDAPConnectionTimeout secondssE
Specifies the socket connection timeout in seconds
LDAPLibraryDebug 7sE
Enable debugging in the LDAP SDK
LDAPOpCacheEntries number 1024 sE
Number of entries used to cache LDAP compare operations
LDAPOpCacheTTL seconds 600 sE
Time that entries in the operation cache remain valid
LDAPReferralHopLimit numberdhE
The maximum number of referral hops to chase before terminating an LDAP query.
LDAPReferrals On|Off|default On dhE
Enable referral chasing during queries to the LDAP server.
LDAPRetries number-of-retries 3 sE
Configures the number of LDAP server retries.
LDAPRetryDelay seconds 0 sE
Configures the delay between LDAP server retries.
LDAPSharedCacheFile directory-path/filenamesE
Sets the shared memory cache file
LDAPSharedCacheSize bytes 500000 sE
Size in bytes of the shared-memory cache
LDAPTimeout seconds 60 sE
Specifies the timeout for LDAP search and bind operations, in seconds
LDAPTrustedClientCert type directory-path/filename/nickname [password]dhE
Sets the file containing or nickname referring to a per connection client certificate. Not all LDAP toolkits support per connection client certificates.
LDAPTrustedGlobalCert type directory-path/filename [password]sE
Sets the file or database containing global trusted Certificate Authority or global client certificates
LDAPTrustedMode typesvE
Specifies the SSL/TLS mode to be used when connecting to an LDAP server.
LDAPVerifyServerCert On|Off On sE
Force server certificate verification
<Limit method [method] ... > ... </Limit>svdhC
囲いの中にあるアクセス制御の適用を特定の HTTP メソッドのみに 制限する
<LimitExcept method [method] ... > ... </LimitExcept>svdhC
指定されたもの以外の HTTP メソッドにアクセス制御を 制限する
LimitInternalRecursion number [number] 10 svC
LimitRequestBody bytes 0 svdhC
クライアントから送られる HTTP リクエストのボディの 総量を制限する
LimitRequestFields number 100 sC
クライアントからの HTTP リクエストのヘッダフィールドの数を 制限する
LimitRequestFieldSize bytes 8190 sC
クライアントからの HTTP リクエストのヘッダの サイズを制限する
LimitRequestLine bytes 8190 sC
クライアントからの HTTP リクエスト行のサイズを制限する
LimitXMLRequestBody bytes 1000000 svdhC
XML 形式のリクエストのボディのサイズを制限する
Listen [IP-address:]portnumber [protocol]sM
サーバが listen するIP アドレスとポート番号
ListenBacklog backlogsM
ListenCoresBucketsRatio ratio 0 (disabled) sM
Ratio between the number of CPU cores (online) and the number of listeners' buckets
LoadFile filename [filename] ...svE
LoadModule module filenamesvE
オブジェクトファイルやライブラリをリンクし、使用モジュールの リストに追加する
<Location URL-path|URL> ... </Location>svC
囲んだディレクティブをマッチする URL のみに適用
<LocationMatch regex> ... </LocationMatch>svC
囲んだディレクティブを正規表現にマッチする URL のみに 適用
LogFormat format|nickname [nickname] "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" +svB
Enable tracking of time to first byte (TTFB)
LogLevel level warn svC
ErrorLog の冗長性を制御する
LogMessage message [hook=hook] [expr=expression] dX
Log user-defined message to error log
LuaAuthzProvider provider_name /path/to/lua/script.lua function_namesE
Plug an authorization provider function into mod_authz_core
LuaCodeCache stat|forever|never stat svdhE
Configure the compiled code cache.
LuaHookAccessChecker /path/to/lua/script.lua hook_function_name [early|late]svdhE
Provide a hook for the access_checker phase of request processing
LuaHookAuthChecker /path/to/lua/script.lua hook_function_name [early|late]svdhE
Provide a hook for the auth_checker phase of request processing
LuaHookCheckUserID /path/to/lua/script.lua hook_function_name [early|late]svdhE
Provide a hook for the check_user_id phase of request processing
LuaHookFixups /path/to/lua/script.lua hook_function_namesvdhE
Provide a hook for the fixups phase of a request processing
LuaHookInsertFilter /path/to/lua/script.lua hook_function_namesvdhE
Provide a hook for the insert_filter phase of request processing
LuaHookLog /path/to/lua/script.lua log_function_namesvdhE
Provide a hook for the access log phase of a request processing
LuaHookMapToStorage /path/to/lua/script.lua hook_function_namesvdhE
Provide a hook for the map_to_storage phase of request processing
LuaHookTranslateName /path/to/lua/script.lua hook_function_name [early|late]svE
Provide a hook for the translate name phase of request processing
LuaHookTypeChecker /path/to/lua/script.lua hook_function_namesvdhE
Provide a hook for the type_checker phase of request processing
LuaInherit none|parent-first|parent-last parent-first svdhE
Controls how parent configuration sections are merged into children
LuaInputFilter filter_name /path/to/lua/script.lua function_namesE
Provide a Lua function for content input filtering
LuaMapHandler uri-pattern /path/to/lua/script.lua [function-name]svdhE
Map a path to a lua handler
LuaOutputFilter filter_name /path/to/lua/script.lua function_namesE
Provide a Lua function for content output filtering
LuaPackageCPath /path/to/include/?.soasvdhE
Add a directory to lua's package.cpath
LuaPackagePath /path/to/include/?.luasvdhE
Add a directory to lua's package.path
LuaQuickHandler /path/to/script.lua hook_function_namesvE
Provide a hook for the quick handler of request processing
LuaRoot /path/to/a/directorysvdhE
Specify the base path for resolving relative paths for mod_lua directives
LuaScope once|request|conn|thread|server [min] [max] once svdhE
One of once, request, conn, thread -- default is once
<Macro name [par1 .. parN]> ... </Macro>svdB
Define a configuration file macro
MaxConnectionsPerChild number 0 sM
Limit on the number of connections that an individual child server will handle during its life
MaxKeepAliveRequests number 100 svC
MaxMemFree KBytes 0 sM
free() が呼ばれない限り、 主メモリアロケータが保持し続けられるメモリの最大量
MaxRangeOverlaps default | unlimited | none | number-of-ranges 20 svdC
Number of overlapping ranges (eg: 100-200,150-300) allowed before returning the complete resource
MaxRangeReversals default | unlimited | none | number-of-ranges 20 svdC
Number of range reversals (eg: 100-200,50-70) allowed before returning the complete resource
MaxRanges default | unlimited | none | number-of-ranges 200 svdC
Number of ranges allowed before returning the complete resource
MaxRequestWorkers numbersM
Maximum number of connections that will be processed simultaneously
MaxSpareServers number 10 sM
MaxSpareThreads numbersM
MaxThreads number 2048 sM
Set the maximum number of worker threads
MDBaseServer on|off off sE
Control if base server may be managed or only virtual hosts.
MDCAChallenges name [ name ... ] tls-alpn-01 http-01 +sE
Type of ACME challenge used to prove domain ownership.
MDCertificateAgreement acceptedsE
You confirm that you accepted the Terms of Service of the Certificate Authority.
MDCertificateAuthority url https://acme-v02.ap +sE
The URL of the ACME Certificate Authority service.
MDCertificateFile path-to-pem-filesE
Specify a static certificate file for the MD.
MDCertificateKeyFile path-to-filesE
Specify a static private key for for the static cerrtificate.
MDCertificateProtocol protocol ACME sE
The protocol to use with the Certificate Authority.
MDCertificateStatus on|off on sE
Exposes public certificate information in JSON.
MDChallengeDns01 path-to-commandsE
MDDriveMode always|auto|manual auto sE
former name of MDRenewMode.
MDHttpProxy urlsE
Define a proxy for outgoing connections.
MDMember hostnamesE
Additional hostname for the managed domain.
MDMembers auto|manual auto sE
Control if the alias domain names are automatically added.
MDMessageCmd path-to-cmd optional-argssE
Handle events for Manage Domains
MDMustStaple on|off off sE
Control if new certificates carry the OCSP Must Staple flag.
MDNotifyCmd path [ args ]sE
Run a program when a Managed Domain is ready.
MDomain dns-name [ other-dns-name... ] [auto|manual]sE
Define list of domain names that belong to one group.
<MDomainSet dns-name [ other-dns-name... ]>...</MDomainSet>sE
Container for directives applied to the same managed domains.
MDPortMap map1 [ map2 ] http:80 https:443 sE
Map external to internal ports for domain ownership verification.
MDPrivateKeys type [ params... ] RSA 2048 sE
Set type and size of the private keys generated.
MDRenewMode always|auto|manual auto sE
Controls if certificates shall be renewed.
MDRenewWindow duration 33% sE
Control when a certificate will be renewed.
MDRequireHttps off|temporary|permanent off sE
Redirects http: traffic to https: for Managed Domains.
MDServerStatus on|off on sE
Control if Managed Domain information is added to server-status.
MDStoreDir path md sE
Path on the local file system to store the Managed Domains data.
MDWarnWindow duration 10% sE
Define the time window when you want to be warned about an expiring certificate.
MemcacheConnTTL num[units] 15s svE
Keepalive time for idle connections
MergeSlashes ON|OFF ON svC
Controls whether the server merges consecutive slashes in URLs.
MergeTrailers [on|off] off svC
Determines whether trailers are merged into headers
MetaDir directory .web svdhE
Name of the directory to find CERN-style meta information files
MetaFiles on|off off svdhE
Activates CERN meta-file processing
MetaSuffix suffix .meta svdhE
File name suffix for the file containing CERN-style meta information